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Local Discovery In The Future

Local marketing is heading towards an exciting era. There are number of factors that are changing the way users search anything in a specific location. Thus, advertisers and local marketers now need to tune their marketing efforts to extract better results.
With that said, it is worth mentioning the features and technologies that are essentially going to change the scenario of local searches and marketing.
Analysis and utilization of big data

One of the primary ranking factors for local searches is proximity. All of the search engines have been using locations to rank any business which would be meant to show up in the local search results.  For instance, if we talk about Google, it is known to store user’s info in its servers. It has been tracking users’ browsing history and personalizing the search results for quite a time. Now, the algorithm updates and Google’s ability to analyze users’ data in a bit more detail make the search engine more capable to tether proximity with the local…